Latest Update: Final Abstracts

May 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

By popular demand, here is a summary of items required for inclusion on your final abstracts assignment, due May 27.

New readings to abstract include the following: Manovich on the database, Washburn on Dallas Smythe, Taylor on Žižek, Žižek on Lacan, Barthes on Myth Today, Klein on the Marlboro Marine, Sacks on The Future of Advertising and Rusbridger on The Splintering of  the Fourth Estate.

Also include abstracts/summaries of our two guest lecturers this term, Wieden + Kennedy’s Andrew Dickson and Bitch Media’s Andi Zeisler.

You are also required to include your first round of abstracts with your final submission. You have the option to revise the earlier abstracts to achieve a better grade. The first round includes assigned readings by Bybee & OverbeckDickersonShererMorozovMcChesney & Nichols and The AOL Way.

By my count, that results in a final total of 16 items to abstract.


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